Server opening today!
Friends, very soon, today at 19:00 Moscow time, our Nival PW server will open - another piece of Perfect World! We are waiting for new conquerors in its vastness. You have been playing for a long time, or have just begun to cognize the Ideal World - it does not matter. Equal opportunities for everyone! Only in your hands, which you will take. Decide who you want to become in it and forward to victories! Brave people, winged seeds, or bestial warriors - the choice is yours! Take part in building a new community.
Do not forget with our promotions (link), which can give you a good advantage.
You can download the client at the link: [RU]: Client (clickable).
You can download the client by the link: [ENG]: not available

Regarding other questions:

A new anti-cheat is installed on the server, which may give an error when starting the client for some players.
If you encounter this problem, in this section (link) create a theme with a screenshot, be sure to put the [Anticheat] tag in the name of the theme!
We will help you to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Today, perhaps tomorrow's not the most pleasant situation with regards to the site. I think many of you have noticed the interruption of the site today. Unfortunately, security systems are not a panacea, and the site has been and is still being attacked. As the Chief Administrator already wrote, competitors are trying to harm the project as much as possible. In any case, we will improve our server, making every effort of our team for this.
Unfortunately, instead of playing fair, bringing something new to Perfect World, thinking about players and updates, such people spend their time on DDoS attacks and hacks. The only way to get traffic to their projects is by stuffing information and attacking projects like ours. You came to our project, and you are still here, because you like our project, at least, because we work daily on the server and its improvement, and put it into our hearts. DDoser and the rest of the evil spirits perfectly understands this, and is trying to spoil us as efficiently as possible. I'm not trying to convince you of something, think with your own head, check the information, see and read. We hope for your support and understanding.
Added by: Admin | 10.09.2021
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